Reliability of distribution systems, availability of energy and respect for the environment are some of the possible benefits of deployment of distributed generation and you may treat it at the II Workshop of Interconections of Distributed Generation.


The absence of regular rainfall, and the need of permanent dispatch for thermal power plants, coupled with the lack of effective investment in the national grid (SIN) contributes to the frequent lifting scenario the cost of energy as well as the imposition of onerous alternatives to productive sectors as tariff flags.


On the other hand, the appeal for sustainability is heard in various sectors of the economy, supported by the optimization and efficiency, promoting technological and process developments that stimulate the markets. Companies are increasingly investing in more productive systems with lower energy costs and environmental impact.


The review of Normative Resolution 482/2012, the approval of RN 044/2015, the specifications for certification of inverters and other equipment, the maintenance of quality of services and the available energy, added to the need for clear communication, objective, based on well-defined processes, are the themes that stakeholders will discuss at the II Workshop of Distributed Generation.

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